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NitroPlexTM - The Most Powerful Protein Available!
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Q. Why do you call your protein powder NitroPlex?
A. NitroPlexTM is a combination of high, nitrogen bearing, bioavailable Broken Chain Amino Peptides (BCAsTM) and NitroBolTM, VesPro's exclusive nitrogen- balance enhancing component. Nitrogen absorption and retention are absolutely the most important factors in the building of muscle. NitroPlexTM accomplishes both.

Q. What are BCAs? I haven't seen that in other proteins.
A. In a study performed at the University of Tuebingen in West Germany, two groups of patients were tested for nitrogen absorption from two different sources of protein. One was lactalbumin and the other lactalbumin hydrolysate or the Broken-Chain Amino form of lactalbumin. Hydrolysate means that the protein has been broken down into the shortest chain possible. Lactalbumin was chosen because of its high nitrogen content. The group that was given lactalbumin hydrolysate had 33% higher nitrogen absorption than the group that was given intact lactalbumin. 15 of the 16 grams of protein in NitroPlex are high nitrogen bearing hydrolysates. The reason we supplement with protein is for its nitrogen. Hydrolysates are expensive so other companies don't use them

Q. What's Nitrobol?
A. Nitrobol is VesPro's exclusive nitrogen enhancing combination of saponins and glyco components. More nitrogen will be absorbed with NitroPlex. Now, we want to make sure it is retained. That's what Nitrobol is for. High nitrogen retention means more muscle..plain and simple. Like many bodybuilding products (for instance HMB), Nitrobol was developed for the cattle industry. In a published study in 1980, two groups of steers were fed the same, high protein feed. Just by adding 30 parts per million of Nitrobol to the feed of one group, increased their average bodyweight, as solid muscle, by 24lbs over the other group, in the 128 day feeding period. NitroPlex has much higher concentrations of Nitrobol than the 30ppm in the above study.

Q. Isn't that what steroids do.. increase nitrogen retention?
A. Yes. That's exactly right. Testosterone and its counterpart, synthetic steroids, keep nitrogen balance high. By keeping nitrogen balance high, more muscle will be made.

Q. Why don't I just take in more cheap protein?
A. You have to digest all the protein you take in. The more protein, the more stress on the liver, kidneys and digestion. Besides, it's not cheaper if it's not performing. It's more expensive to use inferior protein if you're comparing grams of protein ingested to grams of muscle synthesized. One good way is to compare P.E.R. (protein efficiency ratio). NitroPlex is 3, the highest rating. Most cheap proteins will be 1 to 1.5.

Q. What is the significance of the essential fatty acid blend in NitroPlex?
A. Essential fatty acids are the basis for many healthy body functions. For instance, testosterone comes from cholesterol, which comes from essential fatty acids. NitroPlex has the raw materials for the manufacturing of testosterone. Essential fatty acids (EFA's) will burn fat. EFA's will increase oxygen supply to cells, thus increasing endurance and performance. EFA's are essential for optimum health. Extreme physical exertion can deplete the body of EFA's. To learn more about EFA's read the 3rd issue of Bill Phillip's Supplement Review, page 94.

Q. When do I take NitroPlex?
A. For greatest results, the best time to take NitroPlex is right after a workout.

Q. What is an herbal adaptagen?
A. An herbal adaptagen is any herb that fortifies the body in its response to either emotional, mental, or physical stress. A workout is physical stress. Schizandra, licorice, ginseng and moomiyo are all powerful adaptagens. They positively influence the body's processes that are needed for performance, including energy, stamina, muscle strength and mass, oxygen supply, cardiac output, etc.

Q. What's the significance of the enzymes in NitroPlex?
A. Body functions take energy. There's only so much energy to go around, so we added enzymes to help in digestion, so the body's energy can focus on muscle cell synthesis.

Q. I'm not familiar with moomiyo. Can you tell me about it?
A. Moomiyo (spelled mumie in Russian) is one of the most powerful natural adaptagens on earth. Moomiyo was a staple of the great Russian sports teams of the '60s, '70s and '80s. In published studies from Russia, it was proven that moomiyo increased strength and performance by as much as 27%, when taken in systematic doses over the course of several weeks. Moomiyo increased recovery from workouts dramatically. In published studies, athletes taking moomiyo, recovered 30% faster than athletes not taking moomiyo. Athletes taking moomiyo also suffered fewer joint injuries. Athletes who suffered injuries healed much faster when taking moomiyo. Moomiyo is a concentration of 6500 plant sources. As these plants die and decay they seep through mountain rocks, picking up many minerals on the way. After decades the resulting dark mass is deposited on the ceilings of caves where it is harvested, ground, cleansed and used for human consumption.

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